50 Shoes That I MUST Have

It’a ALL STAR month at Buzznet. I decided make a gallery of 50 pairs of shoes that I have on my ‘TO BUY’ list. I included a link under each image of where you can purchase the shoe just in case you have the money to do so and you like them too! 😉

Britney Spears Outfits & Accessories

I decided to create this gallery because I think it’s a curiousity to know how Britney loves to dress, one of the things I love most of her is that she usually doesn’t wear really expensive stuff, well she can permit to buy them, but I remember when she goes to shopping at one of… More »

Shoe Lust

Dear Miu Miu, why must you be so fabulous? I want every single pair of these shoes…. even the clogs. And I HATE clogs!!

Top 10 Shoes I Lusted For in 2010

Im having a serious shoe moment. These are my top 10 shoe lusts!

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