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Thank You, Mood!

I went to Mood fabrics today and bought a yard of a fabulous cream and black houndstooth tweed. I’m going to make a skirt out of it. Last week I finished a lace crop top.…

Mondo Guerra’s Project Runway Collection

If you don’t like spoilers then you probably shouldn’t read this.

Mondo is one of the three finalists for this season of Project Runway. This isn’t really a surprise considering the fact that he is AMAAAZZINGGG.…

Link Luv — My 10 Favorite Things From Around the Web – 31.07.2010

I scour the web everyday for the coolest things that need to be seen!

Bunny Hop

Today was such a fun & long day! Im ready for sleep. I need to be up in 4 hours. I would like a fresh orange juice in the morning.. mMmm

Hot or Not?: Project Runway Season 7 Special Edition

Its a ‘Hot or Not?’ Extravaganza!
Celebrating the Kick-Off of PR Season 7

What do you think of the designs?

1. Amy’s Design


‘Project Runway’ Moving To L.A.?

No no no no no, Jesus no! No, Jesus, no! Not Project Runway! *jumps on coffin, wailing and writhing* Sources say that, not only is ProjRun losing two of its key producers in the move to Lifetime, but it’s relocating to Los Angeles! Los Angeles? Fashion capitol of the world?… from

Monday Buzz 8/6

Winning Project Runway gets you… nowhere? (POTP)

Mena Suvari where did your hairs go?! (IBBB)

Lindsay Lohan’s Elle Mag feature. Somewhere, she is inserting her foot in her…

Tuesday Buzz 6/26

Paula Abdul has a new reality show. Hmm. (PopBytes)

Does anyone think it’s odd that Angelina hasn’t told Brad “I love you”? Anyone? Anyone? (wwtdd via tasj)


Tuesday Buzzed 4/3

Kristin Cavallari’s 5 min of fame aren’t over yet. (Intogossip)Interview with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. Oh, I heart him. (ONTD)Mariah Carey wants to adopt a kid. Also, people weep when she sings. (Holy Candy)DJ LindsLo…

The Best Reality TV Laundry-Based Meltdown Since Joe Millionaire Stabbed Butler Paul In The Throat With A Fork For Not Handwashing His Favorite Wifebeater

We can think of no better way to start our day than by sharing this clip (via Reality Blurred) from last night’s Project Runway reunion show, in which hyperbolically self-regarding contestant and onetime softcore independent…

L.Lo on MySpace?

Could it be? If so, why on earth put KFED in your Top 8?Ah well, speculate away.Oh, and here is Daniel Franco’s as well. Swoon.

Attn: Angelenos! Santino Rice is having a Yard Sale this weekend!

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, don’t bother– I don’t want to fight you for a parking space.
But seriously, I’d only be more excited if it was Daniel Vosovic’s, so I could fawn…

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