10 Actors Who Have Played U.S. Presidents

With Election Day earlier this week and the brand new movie Lincoln (starring Daniel Day Lewis as the titled prez as well as Joseph Gordon Levitt) released in theaters today, this is a big week for the United States and its presidents! In honor of Lincoln coming out today, here are 10 actors who have… More »

Flashback Friday: 5 On-Screen Presidents We Wish Were Real

With President’s Day just around the corner, let’s take this Friday to reflect on those who have led our country throughout the years. And not just the actual presidents of the United…

JFK Assassinated in Dallas Texas 44 years ago Today…….

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy the 35th president of the United States was assassinated in Dallas Texas on November 22nd 1963, allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald but 2 days later when he was being moved he was shot dead live on TV by Jack Ruby. JFK served the presidency from January 20th 1961 to that day… More »

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