Inspiring & Beautiful Wall Art Prints

I am in the middle of decorating my new house, and I’ve been looking for some huge art prints to put all over the walls. I want my house to reflect my love of modern inspiration, and I am hoping that in every room I will find tiny words of wisdom and the extra push… More »

Welcome Into My Little World

So, after such a long time I upload again a video of my…

Coachella Posters 1999 – 2013

Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival kicks off today in Indio, CA! The eclectic festival has always been know for its wide variety of music offers for fans, so let’s take a look at all the lineup from the last 14 years*! #musicrules. *There was not a festival in 2000.

Miss KL Dating Chronicles: Audrey Kitching

We are officially 8 days away from Valentine’s Day! Do you have plans yet? Or will you be at home wolfing down I’m-single-and-hate-V-Day cookies? If you are leaning towards the cookies, we’ll…

‘Oz The Great And Powerful’: Four New Teaser Posters Unveiled!

Ever since we heard about the upcoming film Oz The Great and Powerful, we were hooked! After all, the movie boasts an all-star cast, including hunky James Franco, our girl…

The Evolution Of The Warped Tour Poster 1995-2013

I love everything about Warped Tour. From seeing more live music in one day that you could have ever imagined, to discovering new bands who end up becoming huge successes, Warped Tour has been part of my summers since 2002. I remember seeing Something Corporate for the first time and being blown away by a… More »

Why is Taylor Lautner Lonely Again? Official ‘Twilight’ Posters Unveiled!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – with all the photo leaks of the movie and with the movie a mere two months away, it’s about time for a peek at some Twilight

Sizzlin’ New ‘Sucker Punch’ Posters

Russian film website Kino Gallery has unveiled five new gun-toting-ass-whipping-bad-to-the-bone retro style posters for the film Sucker Punch!

Emily Browning stars as “Babydoll” in this film which takes place in the character’s pistol…

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