New T-Shirt Line SQUEEPY TEES (+giveaway!)

Watch this short video and meet my friend Mikey Reaves who designs t-shirts and learn about his line called SQUEEPY TEES! There’s a limited amount of each shirt available. Get yours here! Follow @squeepytees on Twitter and tell Mikey what your fav design is for a chance to win a shirt! See video for details.

Get Fruity! Pineapple Themed Clothes You’ll Die For

Ever since Rihanna stepped out in that super adorable pineapple-print romper, I couldn’t get my mind off of the tasty, juicy fruit! While most clothes featuring fruit are mainly from the berry family, I’m glad the tangy fruit finally has an act of its own. In honour of Rihanna’s recent great fashion taste, here are… More »

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