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Spring Is In the Air Photo Round Up

Supposedly, there are supposed to be an extra few weeks of winter because the groundhog saw it’s shadow. I don’t even know how that works.

Am I not even supposed…

Photo Assignment: Spring Is In the Air

YOU GUISE; it’s spring! Pollen counts be damned! Tis time to venture outside and capture all the splendor in the grass that is the months before the sun’s wrath is upon us. What does pring…

Photo Assignment #45: Results

In the absence of Panasonicyouth, I get to pick a favorite from this week’s photo-interpretation of “The Grass Is Always Greener…”

I choose this one by Paramorefan101, for it’s exuberance [cut=Results, ahoy!


Photo Assignment #13: It’s Not Like I Believe In Everlasting Love

(except that i do… i really do)

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