Pete Wentz Reveals Divorce Struggles, Pill Addiction, and Paranoia

Mr. Pete Wentz has…

Pete Wentz COMPLIMENTS Ashlee Simpson’s Parenting Skills

Despite any drama that might have occured between the former reinging King and Queen of eyeliner, Pete Wentz

30 Fall Out Boy Inspired Tattoos

Fall Out Boy has been on “hiatus” for what seems like forever (3 years). This band of guys from Chicago has a very dedicated following. Their followers are so dedicated that a huge percentage of their loyal fans have had their lyrics, CD covers and even handwriting tattooed. Personally, I have a couple of Fall… More »

The Evolution Of Pete Wentz

So Pete Wentz best known as Bass player in Rock band Fall Out Boy turns 33 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So to show our love, we decided to create this gallery of the evolution of Pete Wentz, eyeliner and all!

Panic at the Disco headlining Honda Civic Tour


Start your engines as Panic At The Disco leaves Sin City for center stage as headliner for the 8th annual Honda Civic Tour. Panic At…

Pete Wentz Strips

pete strips down to his blue boxer briefs during the last show of the Honda Civic Tour in Anaheim. All the guys ran out on stage in their undies during +44.

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