Candy Hearts March Radness Tour Documentary Is Here!

Hello guys! It’s been almost a month since I’ve been home from our tour with Allison Weiss, Pentimento and What’s Eating Gilbert (a month too long if you ask me). I’ve gotten all the video together that I was shooting the whole time we were out and I’ve cut 5 weeks into 3 minutes and… More »

The March Radness Tour Hit Cleveland — And We Went Bowling [Tour Doc Teaser]

For those of you who didn’t read my post a couple days ago, I’m compiling a bunch of footage for a short documentary on March Radness – the 5 week tour we did with Pentimento, Allison Weiss and What’s Eating Gilbert. We just got home and I asked some of the guys to send me… More »

March Radness Tour Doc Preview

On Sunday we came back from our longest tour ever: March Radness. March Radness was a 5-week, cross country trip with our friends Allison Weiss and Pentimento. Alot happened, but we were filming the whole time, in hopes to show you a very short documentary. Here’s a little preview of what 5 weeks in a… More »

Candy Hearts Announce ‘March Radness Tour’

One of my favorite pop/punk bands Candy Hearts have announced a huge tour kicking off this March. The ‘March Radness‘ tour…

Pentimento – Circles

Hey internet. Since I am not doing a whole lot of anything but keeping the tubes clean and other things no one is really aware of until I stop doing them, I have decided to take a break and write something up really quickly about this here amazing band – Pentimento. I have been hearing… More »

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