Urban Goddess – 30 stunning DIY circlet ideas

The Moon stands for everything hidden, magical and subconscious and has been linked to the feminine since the beginning of the times. As I grow older, I am feeling more and more in tune with my true Goddess energy and I am trying to infuse everything I do with a little bit of extra magic… More »

All the inspirations and funny facts behind the Zero Gravity Photos

Me and Vespertine did 5 different looks for the Zero Gravity campaign. Some of them we sketched and some of them we created vision boards for.

The song is called Zero Gravity so we didn’t have…

French Playboy

I had to censor the photo and let people know that THIS IS NOT ME. If someone has pink hair it doesn’t automatically mean its me. I like to pretend the world isn’t so stupid sometimes, it makes me feel better about living in it. Amazing…. the French know whats up. America should take some… More »

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