Music Mondays: Sound-alike Songs

Wow, this one was just brought to my attention by THE Brittany Hagerty.

Note the intro guitar parts. 

Seriously, same-ish chords, same-ish tempo, same KEY. Very similar. 

Kendrick Lamar -…

Thought Blog: How To Get Out Of A Rut

Ever find yourself in a rut? Going through the motions day after day. You may have everything you need at your fingertips but…

Photo Diary: Boys Like Girls In Singapore

Last week Martin, John, Morgan and I had the honor of traveling to Singapore for a show. Not sure if I am getting older or what, but it was one of the most life changing, memorable, amazing journeys of my entire life. The 20 hours of travel, fans at the airport to greet us, minumal… More »

Rob Zombie Scared Us Half To Death!

So last night was terrifying. Myself and some pals went to Rob Zombie‘s Haunted House and we were impressed. Of course these haunted houses were intense becaue I mean..well it’s Rob Zombie! It was a mix between terrifyig horror and comedic pervy fun. Basically a real life version of all of his movies. I took… More »

Were They Separated At Birth: Musician Edition!

I have been told my whole life that I either look like Jenny McCarthy, Reese Witherspoon or Katy Perry as my hair changes. It is always so interesting to…

Boys Like Girls Perform At The Grove Of Anaheim

This past Thursday night I headed down to Anaheim, CA to watch the handsome gentlemen in Boys Like Girls and The All American Rejects put on a rock and roll show. I had a blast hanging out with fellow Buzzmaker Dani Vitale and snapping these photos of the guys. Boys Like Girls played over an… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Behind The Scenes of Boys Like Girls ‘Be Your Everything’ Music Video

Boys Like Girls are back with a new album and tomorrow they will premiere the music video for the love song, “Be Your Everything”. Buzznet was fortunate enough to be on set for the video and snagged these amazing behind the scenes photos! Be sure to check out the brand new video tomorrow and catch… More »

Sleeping Dogs Video Game Event In LA

Hey everyone!

Last night I attended the release party for the video game Sleeping Dogs. It was awesome to hangout with my fellow Buzzmakers Keltie Colleen & Hannabeth. The event was held at…

Summer 2012 So Far

Summer- We think of vacationing, friends, pools, family, eating grilled food, staying up late, romances, bonfires, summer playlists, making memories, and living each day fuller than the one before. It’s a couple month “excuse” we use to have more fun. I think we should live year round, and our lives like a “summer vacation”. I… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Boys Like Girls Are Ready To Give “EVERYTHING”

Boys Like Girls have announced a huge national tour this week with The All-American Rejects, and have a new album coming out this fall titled, Crazy World. BLG have been out of…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Boys Like Girls On Their ‘Crazy World’

Boys Like Girls are gearing up to take back the pop/rock music scene! With the release of their EP Crazy World days away (July 17), we wanted to know what the boys

Gratuitous Pics Of Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls are back and Buzznet could not be more excited about it! Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, John Keefe and new member Morgan Dorr have been hard at work on a new album and planning a tour! Yay! I got the chance to hang out with these guys on the set of their new… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Introducing Morgan Dorr In Boys Like Girls

At Bamboozle I got the chance to spend some time with Boys Like Girls’ new bass player Morgan Dorr. Morgan has been a long time friend of the band, from back home…

Boys Like Girls Talks Recording Process With Dani Vitale

So Bamboozle was a ton of fun hanging out with all my friends at the beach, watching shows, and interviewing bands… When I got the notice that I would be interviewing <a…

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