8 Tips To Personalize Your School Uniform

Having to go back to school is already bad enough, but for some people, what makes…

11 Celebrities Who Think Plaid Is Rad

Plaid is such an overlooked pattern. Ultra boldacious floral prints and retro polka dotsm get a lot fo attention, but where can we get some of this lumber chicness in? Well, thanks to starlets like Selena Gomez and the royalty, Kate Middleton, they show that plaid is certainly rad. So, who else likes plaid? You’ll… More »

Fashion Inspiration:Fedoras

Lately, I have really been taking an interest in fedoras. Fedoras are very stylish, casual and go with anything. You can buy them in practically any color or pattern. Many celebrities have been spoted wearing fedoras recently, too. Here are a few pictures of my favorite, fashionable, fedoras I have seen. XoXo, Katelyn Howard

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