Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Take NYC By Storm

Rumors that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have secretly been dating have been circulating for weeks now. The rumors all started when Mario Lopez said he saw

These Insane Water Parks Are A Summer Time Splash!

Hey guys, When I was a kid/still to this day of course, I could never turn down a fun trip to a theme park especially a water park on those hot summer days. I realized the other day that it has been FAR too long since me and friends or family took a trip to… More »

get my look


two colors you really can’t go wrong with this winter…or, EVER.

I love dressing up and being glamorous but when I don’t feel…

A Wish I Would Realize…

Today I recieved a new postcard from my sweet friend Celine, she was in Disneyland and I’m so happy to have this postcard, because I really love that place and she wrote me I have to go there too with her one day, I really hope so! Because it’s always been my dream, since I… More »

Linkin Park

Lobster “Gems”

So yesterday was New Music Tuesday but there was like, nothing.Except “Gems” a comp being released by Lobster Records. “Gems” is 14 tracks of previously unheard music by Lobster Records
artists, new music by Lobster alumni,…

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