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Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Jared Leto

If you happen to be someone with eyes reading this then you will be very grateful for this gallery. Not only is Jared Leto perfect and to me quite possibly a god, he has some great tattoos. Which tattoo of his is your favorite? See who else has shown off their ink: Austin Carlile Oli… More »

Music Monday – Bring Me The Horizon

Not all music mondays have to be bands that you’ve never heard of before. I first learned about BMTH some years ago when they were one of the break out bands from…

Comment To Win Your Favorite Look From Audrey Kitching + Drop Dead Clothing

I fell in love with Drop Dead Clothing’s new line and teamed up with them to shoot a few of my favorite pieces and give you an opportunity to win my look. The summer 2013 collection has so many different styles and prints to fall in love with. Drop Dead founder & Bring Me The… More »

Online Oli Sykes Impersonator Sentenced to Life

The internet makes it really easy to reach out to celebrities, and sometimes they respond.  It can seem too good to be true.

And, well, sadly, sometimes it is.

A 19-year-old woman in California thought she was…

Reading Festival 2011: Day 1

Featuring My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars and Bring Me The Horizon. For photos from Day 2, Click Here For photos from Day 3, Click Here

Bring Me The Horizon @ Pomona Warped

Headlining Warped Tour on 8/11/10. All pictures taken by ME!

Bring Me The Horizon “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” Music Video

The video was filmed by Khaled Lowe during the band’s US tour in Nov 2008. Can’t say I can identify with “we will never sleep, ’cause sleep is for the weak,” but I do like tour-footage music videos. How ’bout you? Watchu think?

The Lurking In Denny’s Video

Can you spot all the rock stars? 😉

Curtis Ward Leaves Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon’s guitarist, Curtis Ward, has decided to leave the band. A press release issued this morning stated:

Currently in the US on the Taste Of

Bring Me The Horizon screaminess in Chicago

BWAHHHHH. Thats what it sounds like.

Because you like to hear Oli Sykes talk..

Stage banter in Chicago.

Bring Me The Horizon in Chicago

“Does anyone like to drink alcohol…?”

On The Road With Chaos: Pretty Oli, Shifty Buses And Karaoke

Sweet baby jebus, I think I should’ve taken some Dramamine before I went to bed last night. This bus obviously isn’t like, the mercedes of it’s kind. My bunk if comfy but I swear I

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