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7 Summer Movies We Still Love

Summer is a magical time… school is out, temperatures are high, clothing is extra skimpy, and days can actually be saved by ice cream and popsicles. If you’re having trouble tapping into your summer self, we have seven easy cures for the hot weather blues. Here are 7 amazing summer-centric movies that we still love. Get… More »

#FBF 5 Classic Summer Movies You Need To Watch Now

You know it’s officially summer when all your fucks go out the window. It’s humid and 90 degrees after the sun goes down and everyone just embraces the fact that we’re all roasting in swamp ass and stinking like a combination of sweat, sun block, and bug spray as one. When you’ve finally had enough of… More »

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember ‘Now And Then?’

Now and Then is one of the most beloved cult films of the 90’s. From the hilarious pubescent tales of sex, love, family issues and of course, friendship, this flick was in a league all its own. Think you remember everything there is to know? Take our quiz and find out!

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies That Make You Want to Hug Your Bestie

Your BFF. Your true blue. Your bestie. No matter what you call them, you know you can count on them in good times and in bad. They’re the ones who celebrate hard with…

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