Love Or Hate: 44 Pierced Nails

For this weeks nail post I wanted to share with you guys a trend that seems to be popping back up and I am just unsure of it. I can’t decide if I love or hate these nail piercings. Some are so so cute and then there are others where I am just like…eh. It… More »

HOT or NOT: Miley Cyrus At The Punk Themed Met Gala

With “Punk: Chaos and Couture” being the theme of this years Met Gala, Miley Cyrus was definitely one of my most anticipated arrivals on the red carpet. I know I couldn’t wait to see what…

Hot or Not? Ke$ha’s Baby Blue Suit Look

Ke$ha stepped out onto the orange and purple carpet at the Kids Choice Awards (March 23) with her younger brother Louie Sebert. The two were matching in their colored suits and

Hot Or Not? Kim Kardashian’s Sheer Ensemble At The ICED Festival 2013

Kim Kardashian attended the annual ICED Festival at Cowboys Dance Hall in Calgary, Canada on January 4th. Kim is believed to be about 3 months pregnant. As she…

Hot Or Not? Kristen Stewart Wears Elegant Dress to 4th Annual Governors Awards

Kristen Stewart attended the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’…

Who Wore It Better? The Black Dress: Kim Kardashian VS. Kourtney Kardashian

Let me tell you a little secret: Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. I know it’s not nice to play favorites, but I can’t help it: she just seems so fun and cool and…

Hot Or Not? Lady Gaga’s Pink And Blue Dress

While en route to the Born This Way Ball, Lady Gaga stepped out in this pink and blue balloon-like dress! Recently rumors of Mother Monster being pregnant have been circling. It is no secret that she has gain a few pounds, 25 pounds to be exact. Gaga give pasta and New York Pizza credit for… More »

Hot Or Not? Rita Ora’s Muppet-y Fuzzy Blue Coat

Okay FIRST OF ALL how is Rita Ora not keeling over from heat exhaustion in that giant fuzzy flappy coat (not to mention those thigh-high leather boots)? I’m perspirating just looking at…

Anne Hathaway’s New Pixie Cut: Hot Or Not?

Anne Hathaway has chopped off her long beautiful chesnut locks for her role as Fantine in her upcoming movie ‘Les Miserables.’ Here she is seen leaving the Box on Sunday as paparazzi took a lot of pictures of her new cut. Obviously, it was her first time revealing this look so she must have been… More »

Rihanna New Hair: Hot Or Not?

Rihanna’s one of the celebs known for changing her look, especially her hairstyle every now and then. And she done it again ladies and gents! She has darkened her hair to the color black with the left side of her head shaved. She revelaed the new cut on Twitter with Instagram telling fans: “Cuz I’m… More »

Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

tonight ‘m not the same girl.

iM nOt oKaY…

thiSs a veRy awEs0me vide0 0f my chemical romance… h0pe u like it…

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