How Do We Feel About Avril’s All Black Wedding Dress?

Lifelong sk8er punk and eyeliner enthusiast, Avril Lavigne tied the knot with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger this weekend in France. Girl stayed true to character…

7th Grade Flashbacks: Avril Performs At The 2013 Much Music Awards

In a time where I was busy playing ‘Snake’ on my sweet Nokia phone, Avril was the Canadian Queen of Hot Topic-y realness. This all came flooding back to me…

Nickelback — In Real Life.

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he showed me a bunch of films that he made with his friends over the years. Sean and his best friend, Pasquale Greco have been making films and other random videos since they were little. They’ve filmed a variety of things from random funny music videos to actual… More »

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