Let These Quotes Inspire Your 2017!

January is kind of a crazy month. We’re all reeling from holiday madness and suddenly have to get back to a normal routine. Resolutions are made and often broken, stress to reach goals and make cool things happen can become so overwhelming you just shut down. So to keep you from being stuck in a… More »

10 Commandments for 2015

I know this post comes entirely too late as everyone is already rocking and rolling in 2015 but I haven’t really taken the time to make resolutions so I’m doing it now. Here are 10…

January Theme Challenge: A New You In 2014

Welcome to Januarty 2014, Buzznet! How’s the year treating you thus far? Hopefully everything is awesome and the polar vortex isn’t ruining your life like it is in the gif below:

Heartblog: Happy Birthday Me, A Reflection On A Year.

A reflection on a year.


A year ago, on my

Healthy Foods To Eat This Thanksgiving!

For a few years now, I have been trying my best to be healthy and eat better. I decided to become vegetarian almost ten years ago and throughout that even tried the strict vegan thang. To this day, I am a vegetarian who avoids most dairy because eating healthy has really changed the way I… More »

Another Girl, Another Planet – Weekly Fashion Inspiration

New year, new fashion, time to start the year out with a BANG!! It’s time to truly go for it, no limits..just do what feels right. I never stick to one look, I am a fashion chameleon. xoxo

5 Tips for Keeping Your News Year’s Resolutions This Coming Year

It’s almost that time of the year again: New Year’s! With 2013 just around the corner, many people have a few resolutions they would like to accomplish and keep…

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