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5 Simple Reminders About Unfulfilled Resolutions

We have officially reached the end of the first month of 2018! How does it feel? Don’t feel as brand new as you had hoped? We feel you! Here are five things to remember about resolutions: 1. Always make a small effort every day. Small efforts lead up to big solutions. Don’t give up. 2…. More »

6 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

Come January 1, 2018, we’re all going to re-commit to being a better version of ourselves. Maybe you’ll swear to lose weight, date responsibly, find a new job, or learn a new skill. The New Year’s resolution list can go on and on, and ultimately, most of these self-imposed rules and regulations will fall by… More »

5 Easy But Meaningful Resolutions To Stick To In 2017

It’s insane to think that a brand new year is only a day away! If you’re kicking yourself for not sticking to your new year’s resolutions this year, don’t sweat it. It’s hard to change our old habits but with a little inspiration and practice, those old habits will be nothing more than a distant… More »

The Best Christmas Trees EVER!

Taking out the dusty box of decorations from christmas past is a good memory but having the same tree with the same decorations and lights can get a bit boring. Check out these christmas trees that are far from original that will get you inspired to make a change this year!

20 Mantras To Live By In The New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to start new, reinvigorate good habits, and kick the old ones to the curb. There’s nothing like some reaffirming mantras to create some inspiration for a fresh start. Check out these motivating words to live by! Cheers to an awesome 2014! What’s your mantra for… More »

New Year = New Thoughts. Get inspired!

2013 flew before my eyes. I never regret much, but one thing from the past year is that I didn’t sit in the moments as much as  I should of. I am not going to…

A Reflection of 2013

Cheers to 2013, we’ve made it through another year! For me, 2013 has been a year of growth, beauty, learning, empowerment, and many other great abundances. There are of…

Christmas 2013, Gifts & Welcome 2014!

So finally I wanna share with you this gallery with Christmas photos, the gifts I received and several photos from New Year’s Eve and the celebration of the new year. For Christmas, we went at the restaurant, we were in 18 people and celebrated all together with a delicious fish lunch. I received tons of… More »

2014: Ashlee Holmes’ Personal ‘To Do’ List

Hey there!!! It’s 2014!!! Crazy. Most of you make resolutions and what not. I usually just make a ‘to do’ list for myself. Things I want to do that year. Activities, intentions, certain resolutions and what not. I thought I would share SOME of the things on my list with you. –I have a longggggg… More »

A Letter To 2014

Dear 2014,

We are starting this blank piece of paper off fresh of our 365 page book of journeys. I’m only concerned with real words and…

5 Fresh Things To Try In 2013!

Love it so much <3 Patty wrote so incredible blog!! You should to read it 🙂

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2013 is already flying! three weeks ago…

5 Fresh Things To Try In 2013!

2013 is already flying! three weeks ago, many of us made new year’s resolutions and set goals to better ourselves. From eating healthier and working out to learning how to play…

5 Ways To Jump Start A Clean New Year

We’re only a few days into 2013 and the perfect time to set yourself up for a fantastic year ahead. From New Year’s resolutions to goals for the year, there are many ways people can improve their lives. One great way to start the new year is to massively clean out all the junk and… More »

Build A New Wardrobe For A New Year!

2013 is here and in full swing. I know that I always like to go out and get some new clothes when a new year hits. New you, new year and a new wardrobe are going to make 2013 that much more fun. Here are some of my top picks to spicing up your closet… More »

Bye Bye 2012. Welcome 2013 // First Gallery Of The Year

So here I am, 2013 is definitely started and I really hope this will be such an awesome year for me and for all the people I love and also for all of you, my Buzznet family. I celebrated New Year Eve with my parents and had a lovely dinner at Japanese restaurant. We ate… More »

2013, new beginnings, new resolutions!

I am welcoming 2013 with open arms! As always, along with many others, I have sat down and given serious thought in to how I’d like to change my life this year! Last year, I sucsesfully managed to stop biting my nails, it might seem like a silly little thing but I am still proud… More »

The Last Blog of 2012: Kiss It Goodbye

Hello Buzznet pals! I’ve been spending my last few weeks of 2012 in the magical place of VEGAS! I literally never want to leave. Anyways, It’s that time where I say goodbye to 2012…

Gabbie Brown’s 2013 Goals

The last week of December is usually me trying to come up with new goals for the next year. As much as I love the whole idea of New Years Resolutions, I’m much more of…

happy birthday to me ;)

My 21st birthday was on December 1st …it was my first birthday that i’ve EVER had away from family …instead of being with my family ..I got to spend my birthday with my AMAZING friends ..I LOVE these boys!!! We had a fun celebration with cake, champagne and pizza. I then got to celebrate with… More »

My 2011’s Review: Don’t Waste Your Time, You Only Live Once!

So, another year is almost gone! This is so weird how fast days are passed, it seems yesterday I was writing my 2010 review and here we are already greeting the end…

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