7 Ways to Cure the Post-Holiday Blues

Now that 2018 is but a few days away, most of us are trying desperately to fit into our fat kid jeans while toying with all kinds of fancy presents compliments of friends and family. This week between holidays is filled with annoying travel plans, excessive meals, minimal energy, and the sadness of knowing it’ll… More »

The Importance Of 13 Reasons Why

For as long as I can remember, compassion has never been considered as cool. Growing up, I always felt a sense of arrogance radiating off of my peers and the older I get, the more I see it growing into an even bigger monster. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I used to chalk it up… More »

13 Reasons Why We Love Selena Gomez

Over the past decade, Selena Gomez has delighted our hearts with every project she’s been a part of. From her early days on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place to her budding music career with hits like “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” “Good For You” and “Hands To Myself” to her newest endeavor, Netflix drama,… More »

ICYMI: Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer Is Out!

Gilmore Girls fans get ready! We’re now just under a month away from the revival of Stars Hollow on Netflix! The four part series set to premiere on November 25th has had fans buzzing for months and excitement has been building over the return of Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Dean, Jess, Luke, Lane and more! Picking up… More »

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In January 2015!

Netflix just announced their January releases and I am FREAKING OUT. Friends, Mean Girls, Bruce Almighty and Fear AND Loathing in Las Vegas, just to name a few. There are SO MANY good TV shows…

What To Binge Watch On Netflix This Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving weekend is here and a lot of us have some extra time on our hands in between family functions. What better way to pass the time than Netflix? Whether it’s starting a new series or watching a classic movie, I’ve put together a list of TV and movies that are perfect for this holiday… More »

Netflix Movie Club: This Week’s Pick Is Aussie Thriller ‘Sanctum’!

Netflix is basically my life off of tour. When I have nothing to do and all of my friends who have normal 9-5 jobs are too sleepy to hangout, I turn to my…

Orange Is The New Black Cast Are Babes Outside Of Jail Attire

The cast of Netflix’s series Orange Is The New Black is full of beautiful babes when they aren’t rocking their jail attire we are all so use too! This is one of my new favorite series and I can not wait for season two! via zimbio WHO IS THE MOST SHOCKING / REAL LIFE VS… More »

5 Shows You Should Binge Watch On Netflix This Summer

It’s summer and you know what that means? A whole lot of Netflix binge watching! Is there really anything better than curling up in your bed and watching Netflix…

Welcome Mariel Loveland To The Buzznet Family!

Hi Buzznet-ers!

This is my first post and I’m so thrilled to be joining the Buzzmakers Team! Buzznet has been a website I’ve always loved and who has supported my band so much, so…

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