Traineeship Day 3: Burning Irish CD & Discovering A New Musician

Yesterday I had my third day of internship.

It’s a quiet period so into the school of music, at least about recording studio, there’s not a lot of…

Interview: Up Close with Producer Eric Lilavois

If you’re not familiar with producer/musician Eric Lilavois, you’re about to become acquainted. Chances are, he’s worked with some of the artists you…

Stevie Nicks/BMI Pop Awards 2014

This past week, I hit up the BMI Pop awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I always TRY and make it out to any of BMI’s events that I can, whether it’s in Nashville, or…

3 Hilarious Interviews Of Sleeping With Sirens With Rock Sound

I came across these HILARIOUS interviews of the dudes in Sleeping With Sirens and knew you guys would get a good laugh or 12. 

Check out the Rock Sound Youtue HERE!

Part 1: 

Ashlee Holmes Visits Warped Tour!

The other day I attended Warped Tour. I went to help put on some temporary tattoos at the Girlz Garage and passout some Buzznet swag. When the tent closed I met…

Glee Star: Cory Monteith Found Dead

Cory Monteith, who played heart throb Finn Hudson in the Fox hit “Glee,” was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room Saturday, Vancouver police said. He was 31.

Ringo Starr’s Birthday Message

The British composer and musician Ringo Starr, who gained worldwide fame as the drummer of the band The Beatles, held on Sunday 73 years old, with a video on its website in which it sends a message of “peace and love” to his followers and the world.

Amoeba Adventure Feat. Frank And Derol!

[kaltura id=0_xx4duce6 autoplay=0 type=single]

Codi and I had SO MUCH FUN going through Amoeba and finding favorite records!!! After all of this time, it’s crazy to me that…

BTK App – Video #105

Tom: Beautiful… I really love Ludovico Einaudi’s music and I had the pleasure to see him live in July 2011 in occasion of Costa Favolosa’s launch in Trieste. This is one of my favorite pieces and he played it also in that occasion. Thanks Tom to have picked an amazing Italian composer and musician video!

Sleeping With Sirens Release New Song ‘Alone’ Feat. MGK

Listen up music lovers!

I am excited to share this video for a new song that Sleeping With Sirens put out called ‘Alone’ featuring Machine Gun Kelly! The song will…

Youtube Evolution Of: Mayday Parade

Happy Friday AND Happy May!!

In honor of May, I decided to do this week’s Youtube Evolution on Mayday Parade! I seriously have loved…

80 Of The Best Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Posts

If you have eyes or even ears there is a 90 percent chance you are in love with Ryan Gosling in some way. Whether it is his great acting in movies (and his abs) or his incredible voice in his band Dead Man’s Bones, he is just so lovable. Every since The Notebook I have… More »

Lindsay Lohan and Avi Snow: It’s over?!

Lindsay Lohan and City of the Sun’s Avi Snow are no longer an item. Their romance simmered down quickly after it flared up last month. 

William Beckett Hotel Cafe Show Review

Hey There My Fellow Music Lovers,

I got the pleasure of getting to see the very talented musician who goes by the name, William Beckett, perform last night at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! For…

Emerging Talent: Julia Martin Covers Sleeping With Sirens

Hey Music Lovers, 

As you know we have been doing TONS of amazing posts on emerging talent this month! I am BEYOND excited to share this…

Happy Birthday Steven Tyler

A day like today – March 26, 1948. Steven Tyler was born in New York, his father was of Italian and German and his mother was of Polish and English. He is a musician, composer, actor and multi-instrumentalist, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith. In 1965, Tyler wrote his first big hit on the… More »

34 Photos Of The Gorgeous Birthday Boy Adam Levine

Today is a glorious day in history. Why you ask? Today was the day 34 years ago that that sweet strong jawline otherwise known as Adam Levine was born. Adam Levine as most of you may know, is one of my top crushes. He’s known for his awesome vocals being the lead singer of the… More »

YouTube Evolution Of: Justin Bieber

Hey My Lovely Buzzies,

So as you all know Youtube is not only a place for YOU to “broadcast yourself”, it is a place to watch music videos, behind the scenes footage…there is just…

Grimes Goes Kawaii At Chanel

I’m kinda going crazy over Grimes new Japanese inspired look at Chanel! I may have to take some inspiration from this for some of my own Fashion Week outfits! LOVE OR LOATHE?

BUZZNET Exclusive: Dijon Talton Talks New Music And His Pockets (VIDEO)

If Dijon Talton looks familiar, it’s because you HAVE seen him before: the 23-year-old actor and R&B/pop singer used to be on a little show called Glee! Now an aspiring musician, Dijon…

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