Exclusive: ATL’s Zack Merrick Shares His Healthy Habits!

Re featured this in honor of Zack Merrick‘s bday today! Hey Buzzers, This year I am trying extra hard to be healthy, happy and inspire everyone else to do the same! I used to tour and was always trying to be healthy on the road and coincidentally, Zack Merrick of All Time Low does the… More »

13 Fun Ways To Workout In 2013

Even though I find working out to be an amazing experience, there are days where I’d rather sit in bed than go to the gym! I have been trying to find new ways to workout so I have no excuse to go out and do something healthy for myself! I have been hiking, taking fun… More »

Venice, CA

Yesterday I went to the beach with my boyfriend and some of my other favorite people. It was so fun! At one point my boyfriend (Sean) &I collected a few cool rocks and sea shells. It was nice to hangout in a different environment other than Hollywood. I had a great time hanging out with… More »

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