Free Download of our new remix for Pandit’s song “Kathryn, My Love”

Download our remix of Pandit’s “Kathryn, My Love” for free on our bandcamp here. “Kathryn, My Love” is originally from Pandit’s debut LP Eternity Spin, available on vinyl from Waaga Records released 07 June 2011 NazcarNation is: Wargo – Knobs, Beats, Vox Tiger – Vox, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Bass Balane – Drums, Bass Recorded/Produced in… More »

Trust Fall (St Andrew Rub It Mix) by NazcarNation

Our remix EP dropped yesterday. You can download the whole thing for free here: // Download more from St Andrew here: // Download the original NazcarNation Dynazty EP here: //

Out, Don’t… by Gauntlet Hair

This band has a pretty epic sound. They are from Colorado. Just a two piece band: drums, guitar and vocals. The other song I dig is called “I Was Thinking…”

LISTEN UP: Country, Bluegrass, But Mostly Blues

Holy crap — as sad as Hilly Kristal’s death was, it’s given birth to some of the best CBGB-themed blog posts in history. Check out these mp3s of Richard Hell and Elvis Costello playing together in 1978, The Beastie Boys covering “House of the Rising Sun” in 1982, and Nickelback… from

The Return of Kelly Clarkson

Oh haaayyyyy, look what popped up on Idolator:


Music Stuff 4/11

New Yeah Yeah Yeahs track! (Idolator)Johnny Cash’s old home burned down. (musicslut)Young Love tour! (punknews)100 Million iPods sold! Damn. (apple)Justin Timberlake is writing songs for Madonna. (SeriouslyOMG)

Music Stuff 2/28

SXSW 2007 Band Sampler MP3 List! (hearya)Bayside on Conan. (Absolutepunk)Stream !!! (chk chk chk) on MySpace.New Arctic Monkey’s single ft. Dizzee Rascal. (rocklouder)

Where do you get your music?

The newest issue of Q Magazine has a list of 100 Places to Get Music Online, and Largeheartedboy was kind enough to post it online. Below are a few categories of interest.New & Exclusive Tracks

LISTEN UP: Party Over Here, Party Over Air

Idolator has a track from the new “party album” by Air (provided your idea of a party is making out with a mermaid on top of a cotton candy cloud). But if you’re more like me,… from

LISTEN UP: Always One Foot On The Ground

Oasis’ greatest hits album comes out tomorrow. Page 300 has their cover of “Helter Skeltor.” Download it, but first promise me that you won’t kill anybody because of it. Speaking of covers, Hate Something Beautiful… from

LISTEN UP: Take Covers

MOKB has almost as many cover tracks of Oasis’ classic song “Wonderwall” (including versions by Cat Power, Ryan Adams and Radiohead) as Liam Gallagher has statements he later regretted having said. Aquarium Drunkard has a couple… from

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