My Favorite People Turned Into Super Heros

As you all probably know, we here at Berznert love music. Why? Simply stated, #MusicRules! It is the soundtrack of our lives and basically any cliche that you might dial right now would totally ring…

This Charming (Digital) Man

All hail the 8 Bit Tribute. Hail it good.

Edited Coachella Pics

Some of my shots from Coachella that I played with in Photo-chop.

Daily Music Dose – Morrissey

Spawned from the legendary band The Smiths, singer/songwriter Morrissey truly outshines many of his peers with his witty and thought provoking lyricism. Known for his uncompromising truth and honesty, his unique outlook on

Music in the Morning: Morrissey – ‘That’s How People Grow Up’

The Moz has still got it.

Two Of My Favorite Old Queens Tussle

Hot! Morrissey and Madonna have gotten into a public slapfight. Morrissey’s a bitch, and he’s funny and old and British and asexual. He tore into Madge during a concert with this hot line: While performing at a PETA benefit show in Norfolk, Virginia, July 9, he dissed, “I wouldn’t be surprised… from

Friday Buzz 7/20

What kind of video is Britney making in THIS outfit? (The Dirty Disher)

Heidi Montag will be sampling Depeche Mode in her first song. (POTP)

Morrissey disses Madonna….

Music in the Morning: Morrissey – ‘How Soon Is Now?’

For all of you holding tickets for the canceled Morrissey show at Madison Square Garden from Saturday night, don’t fret: a make up date is expected to be announced later today.

Music Stuff 5/22

Avril mashup!

50 Cent is leaving the music biz? (stereohyped)

Interpol have posted their new single. (punknews)

Happy Birthday Morrissey! (Music Slut)

Pop-punk lovers should keep Hush Hush Commotion on their radar.

Music Stuff 3/8

Nightmare Of You album update. (Rocklouder)Avril is making bank with “Girlfriend.” (ONTD)Gym Class is opening for Gwen Stefani in Austrailia. (MySpace)Are Music Mags getting worse? (Idolator)Len + Kanye West Mashup! (deathfrom)

Totally the quote of the day:

“I think there’s maybe too many people making music.” – Morrissey Maybe THAT’S why I get 15 band-friend-requests per day on myspace! Psh. Anyhow, you should go pick up some new songs at Unarocks, cause…

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