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Listen to a Brand New Song by The Academy Is…

On Saturday, The Academy Is… treated their hometown of Chicago to a free acoustic set.  And while part of the story is how dapper frontman William Beckett was looking, it is also worth noting that…

Fast Times at the University of Pittsburgh: The Academy Is… Rocks the Bigelow Bash

So, every year on the first Saturday in April, the University of Pittsburgh closes down Bigelow Blvd. between Forbes and Fifth Avenue.  This serves two purposes:

  1. Massively messing up traffic patterns through Oakland
  2. Allowing Pitt to throw

Two Bogus Journeys in One: We The Kings and The Academy Is @ Mr. Small’s Theatre in Pittsburgh 11/8/08

Let me open with this: the Pittsburgh bus system can die in a fire.

Because of the extreme difficulty of getting to Mr. Small’s Theatre/Funhouse (which is located OUTSIDE the city because heaven forbid you make…

The Further Adventures of William Beckett’s Hair

Okay, folks, the first thing I will do is assure you William Beckett hasn’t done anything new or drastic to his hair.  Yet.  So deep breath.

But you never

The Academy Is… “Summer Hair = Forever Young” New Music Video

In anticipation of their new CD Fast Times at Barrington High, the boys of The Academy Is… have released their first video from the album, one of the two Adam

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