Tina’s Top 10 Essential Summer Albums

Summer is so close I can taste it! Literally. As the humidity in New York City gets thicker, I am tasting things I never wanted to taste before. But that’s besides the point. Along with frozen yogurt, sunscreen, sunglasses and short-sleeve V-necks, music is an essential summer must-have! There are certain albums that just remind… More »

Bands To Buzz About Spring ’14 Round Up

Spring got us sprung (that was bad..sorry) and now it is finally time for the carefree days of summer! New music is coming your way very soon but until then, catch up on what you…

Band To Buzz About Spring ’14: Midnight Faces

Atmospheric synthpop duo, Midnight Faces, comprised of vocalist Philip Stancil and composer Matthew Doty, just released their sophomore album, The Fire Is Gone, and it…

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