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Iggy Azalea Is Hitting The Silver Screen In ‘The Fast & Furious 7’!

Iggy Azalea is having the best year of her life. Her hit single “Fancy” is 2014’s summer anthem, her fan base has grown by the hundreds of thousands…

Odd Couple Alert: Zac Efron And Michelle Rodriguez?!

Soooo news broke today that Zac Efron was caught kissing Michelle Rodriguez. Yeah…um can I say odd couple? 

The pair were snapped by the paprazzi July 6th while on vacation in Sardinia…

Ian Somerhalder, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyler Hoechlin – Teen Choice Awards 2013

Ian Somerhalder, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyler Hoechlin – Teen Choice Awards 2013

Lindsay Lohan Serves Under 5 Hours of Her 30 Day Sentence

Actress Lindsay Lohan has overcrowding to thank, again, for having to serve only just under 5 hours of her 30 day jail sentence this morning.
<a href="Century Regional…

Catch a Wave (Via Your DVD Player)

So, in case today’s ads on Buzznet haven’t tipped you off, Blue Crush 2 releases on DVD today.  And honestly, I am PSYCHED.  And not just because one of my favorite bands is all…

Because I DON’T want to be played by Brittany Murphy, THAT’S why!

So occasionally you have those moments where you get the feeling of “HOLY SHIT!  MY LIFE’S A MOVIE!”

Well, maybe you don’t.  But I do.

Anyway, I lean towards my life being one of two genres: action…

FANGS VRS. FUR: FINAL REMINDER! (plus me ranting aimlessly)

Today is your LAST CHANCE to vote in the Fangs vrs. Fur poll!  Can team Werewolf pull out a come from behind victory?  Or will team Vampire triumph? 

On that note, I don’t know…

Michelle Rodriguez: I’m Clean, Bitches!

Filed under: Celebrity Justice, LostTMZ.com: “Lost” star Michelle Rodriguez wants to make sure the facts aren’t lost! She likes to party — no question about that — but she’s doing it clean! TMZ has the exclusive on results of several drug tests the actress underwent last week, confirming that… Read… from www.tmz.com

Michelle Rodriguez is Set For Some Hard Time

(Flynet) Lesson to be learned all you celebrity criminals – don’t violate your parole! Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail for violating probation in a DUI case. “(She) admitted violating her probation by failing to provide proof of completion of her community service and for consuming alcohol three times… from socialitelife.com

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