Three For Free: How To Dress Well, Mewithoutyou and Jamestown Story Give Away Their Music

Yesterday, it was Eurovision which can mean only one thing – Europe was treated to a night of gloriously cheesey and cringeworthy musical performances. However if that’s not your ‘scene’ (or if you’re simply not…

Music Notes 5/25

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

The Early November premier new song. (It’s incredible.) 

mewithouYou perform with Hayley Williams

One Direction performs in a diner. 

Behind the scenes with Karmin

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Top Fifteen Musical Collaborations : Obscurities Versus Classics

Collaborations. They’re everywhere right now in case you hadn’t noticed. This week alone has revealed the news that super-prolific Patrick Stump had headed into the studio with All Time Low while ATL’s frontman Alex Gaskarth basked in the glory of internet complements following the premiere of his We Are The In Crowd duet. In celebration… More »

Hayley Williams To Appear on New mewithoutYou Record

On May 15th mewithoutYou will release their 5th studio album, Ten Stories. It was revealed today in a fan post the band will be doing a eight week headlining tour this June…

Music Notes 3/5

Mondays are rough, but music notes are rad! Today we have some very compelling stuff including, Anthony Raneri announcing a solo tour and Demi Lovato forgetting the lyrics to one of the summer ‘s most…

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