Maya Angelou Memorial Service Set for Saturday

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — A memorial service will be held at Wake Forest University for poet and author Maya Angelou, who died last week.

Wake Forest says Angelou’s family is holding a private…

30 Memorial Tattoo Ideas

This week one of my good friends puppy died. Gosh, so sad. It’s a really horrible feeling to lose something or someone that you love so much. I think we have all gone through loss like that, and wanting to keep someone we love alive in our memories. Many people choose to get a memorial… More »

Live Fast Die Young: James Dean Memorial Gallery

James Dean is not only a very important name in entertainment history, he is also almost every girl’s fantasy crush. He is a cultural icon who will always be remembered and honored by the masses. I put together a gallery of pictures of him in honor of Sunday being the anniversary of his death. I… More »


Actually they were always there but now they are not under a few feet of snow. We have had snow on the gound for over two months and we still have some smaller mountains scattered in the yard. We have a beauty of a rainstorm on the way and I hope it washes the rest… More »


All my statues were buried in snow including this cat and it’s a cat that sits up not the laying down one. I have yet to find that one : D Please check out my other photo of the Puppet Show that i posted before this one : D


My cats memorial statues are getting leaves all over them. The weather is pretty nice right now but some colder weather is on the way : )View in full size original : )

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