Create Your Own ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ Meme

One thing you need to know about me. I LOVE MEMES and when I heard the lads of One Direction had a meme generator on their site to promote their new movie “One Direction: This…

Cute Dogs Making Ugly Faces

If you all didn’t know, today is Ugly Dog Day. Since ugly dogs are actually ugly and look like Gremlins after a midnight feeding/jump in the pool, we have decided to show you cute dogs making ugly faces. Here are our favorite EHRMAGURD and HURR DERP pups that we hope you enjoy.

My Favorite Memes So Far

If you haven’t been paying attention, we are just about half way done with the year. Time flies when all you do is sit at home, watch the 3 Second Rule video on repeat, and lol at Bolin In the Deep. Since I am lazy and only find memes here and there, this is obviously… More »

14 Break Up Lines I’ve Been Told or Said

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’ve decided to be the mayor of Bitter Town and not do anything remotely Valentine’s-y or couple-tastic. Instead, I’ve made up my mind to protest this celebration of love by rubbing everyone’s noses into the bouquet of my singleness. Take a big whiff. It smells like sad over here…. More »

Finally, Charlie Sheen’s Rantings are Adorable

So, I’ve mostly been avoiding the Charlie Sheen mess, because frankly the man disgusts me.  But there is finally something that has made me pay at least some kind of attention.

The Pittsburgh Zoo has taken…

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