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The Spice Girls Were OG ’90s Fashion Icons

In 1996, the entire universe was rocked by the arrival of the Spice Girls and their kick-ass debut single, “Wannabe.” This UK girl group, composed of wildly fabulous and totally unique ladies, was all about Girl Power and outrageous outfits. While we’re all dying for another reunion, let’s just reflect on the obvious… Posh, Baby,… More »

8 Reasons Why The Spice Girls Made Our Childhood

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the glory days of the Spice Girls‘ reign over pop culture. While that makes some of us feel very old, it’s also fun to look back as we reminisce on our childhood and the days spent forming secret Spice Girls clubs during recess at school… More »

Former Spice Girl Replaces Sharon Osbourne On ‘Americas Got Talent’!

Former Spice Girl Mel B (aka Scary Spice) will be hitting the judging panel this summer with the help of Howie Mandel and Howard Stern for the return of NBC’S…

Spice Girls To Make Their Comeback… Again?

They made their comeback in 2007, releasing a brand-new single and touring until the reunion was cut short in 2008. Can the Spice Girls make their comeback……

Spice Girl Mel B Is Preggers

Former Spice Girl Mel B has a bun in the oven with her third child, the first with her husband Stephen Belafonte.

“We’re really thrilled,” Mel said about the…

Spice Spouse Really Likes TMZ’s Voice

Filed under: Paparazzi Video, Wacky and No, really, literally — Stephan “Not a Belafonte” Belafonte likes our reporter’s voice, a lot.The Spice spouse chivalrously lifted Scary to safety over the icy puddles in front of Marquee, but still found time to compliment our reporter on his… Read more from

Scary Spice Ducks King’s $9 Million Question

Filed under: TV, Celebrity Is the ultra-bitter paternity war between Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy all over — a house?On last night’s “Larry King Live,” the suspendered one revealed that Eddie’s people are claiming Scary demanded a $9 million mega mansion from the funnyman –… Read more from

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