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Early Warped News: What Bands Have Already Confirmed?

So it’s still cold here in parts of the US, but some of us are already looking forward to next summer and at least one stop at the annual punk rock summer camp that is

Gym Class Heroes to Join T-Pain’s Circus

The Gym Class Heroes have made a name for themselves for being genre-straddling artists.  Not quite hip-hop, not quite punk, not quite pop, the boys have a kind of appeal that transcends

LeATHERMOUTH to Epitaph: Debut Album in Early 2009

Recent stirrings had indicated that LeATHERMOUTH had been in talks with a record company who’s named rhymed with “smepitaph.” 

And now it’s official: LeATHERMOUTH has signed on with Epitaph records and

Newageamazon gets “the Full Effect” @ Diesel 9/05/08

There is always something to be said for new experiences.

And me?  I’m a girl who enjoys new experiences for the most part.  Especially musically.  I might not fall head over heels in love with a…

MC Chris: Pretend you’re petting Clifford the big red dog


MC Chris sampling “Buddy Holly”

I don’t care what they say about us anyway…

Warped Tour ’08: Nonprofits – Another Great Reason to Spend Money on a Ticket

Okay, so really Warped Tickets aren’t expensive.  But if you’re like me, you might have issues along the lines of “But I could use that money to pay bills!”

Well, yeah, you could.  But consider this:…

Warped Tour A-Z With Breesays and Trendysecret

Because we love Warped Tour AND because we love making ridiculous lists together, Christine and I have collaborated to bring you a Warped A-Z. With some bonuses thrown in there, because we’re indecisive.…

Warped Tour ’07 Retrospective

Oh Warped Tour, how
I love thee. Every year I go, I sweat, I sing, I buy sh*t and I have a
great time. This year I’m going to…

Warped Tour ’08: Roll Call – and Dos and Don’ts!

The Vans Warped Tour is SERIOUSLY right around the corner now and guess what?! I’ll be on some of the tour!!! I’m kind of totally excited. Anyway, I hereby deem this post the Warped Tour…

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