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Fall Festival Recap: Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF) is one of those hidden gem festivals that everyone needs to know about!  I recently had the chance to attend and check out their eclectic mix of music performances. Produced by both Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment, the festival celebrated its eleventh year with its spectacular music and Bay Area… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2013 Fashion Show (VIDEO)

There may be fashion shows happening all over New York City this week, but the epicenter is definitely Lincoln Center. On Friday night Charlotte Ronson’s Spring line took center stage. Her famous siblings Mark and Samantha Ronson must have been very proud of their fashion forward sister! The room was packed with press, fashion lovers,… More »

20 Questions With Samantha Ronson

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Samantha Ronson. She just released her first album Chasing the Reds – go pick it up here…trust me, you will love it! A lot of people obviously think of you as a DJ. When did you first learn to play music and how? I started Djing and… More »

Lily Allen MIGHT Come Out Of Retirement IF She’s Asked To Play POSSIBLE Amy Winehouse Tribute Gig

Lily Rose Cooper (née Allen) hinted at a possible return to the live scene earlier today when she tweeted to say that she’d be “honoured” to take…

Mark Ronson: The manufacturer of stars.

They say a star behind the music is a great producer. and if you tell it to Christina Aguilera, Lily Allen or Amy…

Mark Ronson visits Lily Allen & Friends

Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson – ‘Just’

Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet did a great cover of Radiohead’s “Just.” It’s featured on Mark’s disc, Version, which garnered three Brit Award nominations earlier this month.

Mark Ronson/Lily Allen – Oh My God

Lily is a cartoon!

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