Day 5 BUZZNET HalloWINweek! WIN A Manic Panic Prize Pack!

It’s an exciting week here at BUZZNET! We have a week full of giveaways, it’s #HALLOWINWEEK!! That’s right; in honor of Halloween we will be doing a different giveaway, everyday, with all your favorite brands…

Mariel Dyed Her Hair Purple: Splat Lusty Lavender Review

I’ve made a lot of mistakes on tour – one of the biggest was using this bubblegum pink shade of Manic Panic that refused to stick to…

GIVEAWAY: WIN A Manic Panic Prizepack On Instagram!

 If Buzznet knows ANYTHING, it’s that you guys love yourselves some colorful hair, so we thought we’d team up with the authority on all colors crazy…

Top 10 Halloween Costumes!

Here’s my top 10 costumes that MoonChildren submitted! Just comment on the ones you like the most to vote! The winner gets an epic goodie bag with Let’s Rage Clothing, Lime Crime, Manic Panic, Lorac, Sugarpill, and Tigi!

Gifted Week!

I got so many amazing gifts this week I thought I’d show them off! <3 First, my friend Ago from Iiris had sent me their new cd. I was so happy. I love Iiris! I think they have a very bright future ahead of them, mark my words:) The song titles are off the hook,… More »

To Dye For Hair

Where can I get me a pair of these peace sign sunnies?

<a href=""…

Colored Tips At New York Fashion Week

I think we are all well aware of my serious obsession with colored tips. Its nice to know they are still…

Coachella for Days


Colored Is Better

She’s A Rainbow: Hair Lust

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