Must See Movie: Winter’s Tale

Yesterday I went at the cinema and I’ve watched “Winter’s Tale” movie and it really worth it! I’ve always loved this kind of stories, where past and present mix together, where there’s love, magic and passion. I’m a romantic girl in my deep and this is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever seen,… More »

Look Book For Young & Reckless

Sup Guys! So one of my buddies just moved to the beautiful city of Manhattan Beach which made me want to come down and have a shoot there. All of us at Young & Reckless just put up tons of new product up online, a ton of new muscle tanks, crop tops and much more…. More »

Must-Watch TV Show: 666 Park Avenue

From the moment I watched the commercial for 666 Park Avenue on TV, the storyline had already intrigued me.  And once I watched the first episode, I was hooked.  This spooky,…

Celebrity Stalking for Dummies (in Manhattan)

First of all, as much as I adore celeb gossip just as much as the next shallow person, but oh-em-gee, have you heard of’s Stalker feature? Am I way late to this party?Ok, in…

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