DJing at the LacosteLive X Tezuka TShirt Launch!

Well its been a very busy time since my welcome blog post! Lots of fun times, work and DJing! So I thought I would start my first blog post with the night before! 

Lana Del Rey gets manga-inspired for Numéro Tokyo!

If you know me, even briefly, you’ll know that I adore Miss Lana! So you can imagine my face when I came across this editorial. One word comes to mind, wowzers! I’ve always loved lana’s style, there is no doubt that I’d love to have her wardrobe and stylist for a day, especially for this… More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Love NANA

Well, I think all of you already know my love for this manga by Ai Yazawa. NANA talks about two girls with the same name (Nana) and the same age which meet by chance on a train toward Tokyo. Both want to start a new life in the city, one (Nana Osaki) wants to become… More »

What If Sailor Moon Anime Turns In A Movie With Real Characters?

Sailor Moon is one of my fav manga/anime ever, I remember when I watched every day the episodes on tv and how much I loved it, I dressed up to Sailor Venus once, when I was a little girl for a Carnival. Now I’m collecting all the dvds and finally my dream came true, because… More »

So, Do You Read Comics?

I’m not going to dance around it with this post.  The point of this post is to ask you, the users of Buzznet, if you read comics.

The Justice…

I’m in love and it’s all because of you

I really love drawing, especially in manga style where I can create sweet scenes with Bill and me, this is my new one. I hope you like it! xo

I’m by your side, just for a little while…

Japanese Inspiration: Anna Tsuchiya

I think everyone of you know how much I love Japanese culture, well if someone doesn’t know yet, here is the first of a series of blogs dedicated to Japanese world.  I wanna start with…

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