PICTURES: 6 Reasons We Wish Elle Fanning Was Our BFF In High School

Elle Fanning is like the coolest girl school and the girl next door all at the same time. She has amazing fashion sense, while avoiding the Hollywood curse of growing up too fast. The actress, 16, is on the latest cover of Teen Vogue and gave an interview confirming the fact that she would be… More »

Glam Inspiration: Maleficent

I recently went to see Maleficent and honeslty loved it. I liked the deep and dark story and how it was such a strong role for Angelina Jolie! MAC of course was on top of their game and knew that Angelina’s look would inspire all the beauty queens to create the look themselves…SO they released… More »

Elle Fanning Looks Exactly Like Sleeping Beauty At Maleficent Premiere

It looks like Elle Fanning was inspired very literally my her character in Maleficent. She showed up at the movie’s premiere yesterday looking exactly like

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt at Maleficent Premiere in Hollywood!


Brad Pitt Attacked at Maleficent Premiere!

Brad Pitt attacked at Maleficent premiere in Hollywood
Brad Pitt was attacked attending his partner Angline Jolie’s Maleficent premiere in Hollywood by serial red carpet pest Vitalii Sediuk

Disney’s Maleficent: New Trailer + Pics Are Stunning

Angelina Jolie, the new star in the upcoming movie Maleficent looks absolutely stunning in the posters, promo pics, and trailers!

On top of Angelina’s cheekbones looking just simply perfect, another star is introduced to the world…

Angelina Jolie Is The Perfect Maleficent

The trailer for Disney’s new movie Maleficent was just released and Angelina Jolie is revealed as the wicked, yet ever so striking, Mistress of All Evil. The visuals of the trailer are stunning, but what…

Official Poster of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent Movie!

Official Poster of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent Movie!

Angelina Jolie Is A Vilian In Disney’s New Film Maleficent!

Disney’s new film in production Maleficent for 2013 release has leaked this image of Angelina Jolie playing the role! To me she seems like the perfect villian.


Angelina Jolie Gets Ready To Play Maleficent

Earlier today, EW released the above image and interview with Angelina Jolie about her upcoming role in Maleficent. The upcoming film, which is to be released in…

Tim Burton To Take On Sleeping Beauty

The anticipation for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (opening 3/5/10) builds, but the director has already been whisked away by his next idea–Sleeping Beauty. Sort of. [cut=Read more…]

If you’re aching for a sweet tale of…

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