5 Things Every Girl Should Have In Their Make Up Bag

Like most girls, I love make up. It can be like a real life snapchat filter on days when you want to hide in a dark room all day, and save you from embarrassing blemishes or dark circles under your eyes. However, everyday make-up doesn’t have to be as intense as Kylie Jenner. Yes, of… More »

Crazy Halloween Make Up To Inspire Your Spooky Side

With the scariest day of the year just around the corner, we’re all faced with the indecisiveness of figuring out what to dress up as. If you’re finding yourself in Halloween limbo, sometimes the best thing is to dress in all black and do some seriously insane make up. Check out the gallery below for some… More »

Jeffree Star Drops New Video In Defense Of Kat Von D’s Accusations

It’s not even a surprise that the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star drama wages on. After Kat released a video two days ago accusing Jeffree of not paying artist BJ Betts for work he did for his make-up packaging, and letting fans know she was no longer going to associate herself with him, the… More »

11 Things Every Girl Thinks When Buying Make Up

When it’s time to take a trip to buy new make up, usually there’s a mental list a girl goes through of the absolute necessities, and if budget permits, an extra item or two to pick up as an added treat. Make-up is exciting, fun, and a way to boost confidence when you’re having a… More »

Now You Can Have Your Own Disney Princess Pout

Not too long ago, I let you all know that LA Splash Cosmetics was releasing a line of Harry Potter inspired lipsticks. If for some crazy reason you’re like me and…

I Woke Up like This

Even though we’re young, sometimes our skin doesn’t necessarily appear that way. With our crazy schedules stacked full of classes, jobs, events, late-nights, and junk-food binging… our skin suffers. Here are…



Half-Drag Project!

Wonderful, incredible and unique are the best words to describe “Half-Drag” project by Leland BobbéHe shared with us “the hidden side of burlesque transvestites

Emerging Talent: Interview With Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg is creative make up artist and blogger from Israel and I was so honored to interview her. 


1. For…

Michelle Williams on Louis Vuitton campaign

The enigma surrounding the breathtaking beauty of Michelle Williams is the signature weapon of choice for your next Louis Vuitton campaign. Red lips and intense eyes to…

Spring Make-up Tutorial With Julie Beauchesne

[kaltura id=0_5i662jn6 autoplay=0 type=playlist]

Julie Beauchesne, founder of Je Beau Cosmeticscame by the Buzznet studio to give us some tips and tricks as we head into the prom, graduation and…

Wavy Hair

This is my real hair and i have to admit I REALLY HATE IT! My wavy hair is so complicated and rebel, and i can not keep as i would be like that it looks, however i’m aware that when it wants to look so good and I love it each day, but now i’m… More »

Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! No 7 Day Cream

From face wash to foundation I’ve been an avid Estee Lauder girl for the last few years. While I’m typically a pretty loyal product-user, the new and improved beauty section at

Win The Look – Golden Globes 2013 With Poshly!

Tinsel Town’s brightest stars were glammed out on Sunday Jan. 13th for this year’s Golden Globes Awards Show! From Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway to Adele and the beautiful girls of Modern Family, all our favorite musicians, tv and film stars were looking gorgeous on the red carpet! Do you want to mimick their spot… More »

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Celebrity Make Ups And Break Ups Of 2012

Hollywood romances are so unpredictable, but one thing that remains constant is break ups and make ups! Celebrities easily transition from being hot to not. While some break up only to make up, others just break up and move on. Here are some of our favorite celeb romances of 2012! Which celeb make up or… More »

Aline Weber by Tetsuharu Kubota for S Moda, September 2012

Aline Weber by Tetsuharu Kubota for S Moda, September 2012

Make up Inspiration: Pink Lips!

I for one, love everything pink! Pink lips? Lipsticks? Glosses? Stains? Yes please! I decided to put a gallery together of some of my favourite pink lips! I’m sure you’ll find some familiar faces in there! Check it out! Who do you think wear’s pink the best?

Candice Swanepoel

A collection of photos of the Victoria Secret angel Candice Swanepoel.

Happy Spook Day! How Are You Dressed For Halloween?

One of my favorite days of the year is finally here! It’s awesome to see people in costume with some genuine Halloween spirit. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I rode the Metro this…

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