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Buzz Bites: Zayn Shaved His Head And Revealed Another Reason He Left 1D

Hey Tuesday…didn’t expect you so soon. Let’s see what everyone is chattin’ about on the world wide web! Maddie Ziegler is starring in Sia‘s latest music video for “Cheap Thrills.” Yay! We love these two collaborating! Gigi Hadid announced via Instagram her cat, Chub, has passed away. Awww 🙁 🙁 we love you always chub… More »

Robert Pattinson Says He’d Be Down To Do Another Twilight Movie

Wait…it’s Thursday? Yay! Week is almost over…let’s see what’s buzzing online to take us through the home stretch.

Apparently Ed Sheeran has a new girlfriend and the pair have already been hangin’ with Taylor…

Maddie Ziegler Ditches Dancing For Designer Runways

Every once in a while a young talent comes along that is not only a master of their craft, but can easily transition and excel when thrust into an entirely different spotlight. Maddie Ziegler is…

Maddie Ziegler As You’ve Never Seen Her In Sia’s ‘Big Girls Cry’

Maddier Ziegler is the millenial Alicia Silverstone. Like Alicia, Maddie has become the iconic face of a major music star. While, Alicia was in a trilogy of Aerosmith

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