(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Visits With Her Boyfriend’s Family

Sean’s Uncle ( Dana ) and Aunt ( Katee ) live in Long Beach as well as Sean’s “Grand Pap” as he so adorbaly calls him and Step Grandmother ( Diane ). However, my boyfriend had some extra special family in town for the weekend. His Mom ( Donna ) , Uncle ( Don ),… More »

Celebrity: A Retrospective On A Band That Inspired

Last night I was browsing through Spotify and I came across a band I absolutely loved in high school: Celebrity. I discovered Celebrity (Nashville, TN)…

Cutie Pie

Last weekend my boyfriend’s Mom and step Dad was in town from West Virginia. Sean & I went to go visit his grand pap in Long Beach with them. While I was there I stumbled upon a few adorable pictures of Sean when he was a little kid. He was seriously THE CUTEST kid ever…. More »

The Grove

Check out these photos of my boyfriend and I from when we went to The Grove the other night 🙂

The One That Got Away

I loveeeee Katy Perry’s new music video. I love the concept of how it is possible to have regrets in life. It reminds me to stay true to my heart, because you never know how things could end up if you don’t. Way to go Katy Perry!! I wouldn’t expect anything less than amazing from… More »

The Lovesick

I am a hugeeeee fan of Jason Reeve’s music. I think his voice is soooooo soothing and amazing. All of his songs are so adorable and if you have a love life like mine -they’re also relatable. LOL Anyway.. I just wanted to share this video with you all. It gives you a little taste… More »

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