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How To Deal When You’re Crushing On Your Ex’s BFF

Relationships can get reallly sticky, especially when you break up with someone, then come to find you’re starting to catch some more-than-friend feelings for his BFF. Sure it’s not ideal, but as Selena Gomez says, The heart wants what it wants, and it’s impossible to control how someone affects you. The first thing is to… More »

Celeb DOs & DON’Ts Of A Relationship

It’s no secret Hollywood relationships come and go like yesterday’s headlines! It’s really hard to keep it together and do so in the public eye! Still, on the upside for us, celebs ultimately set relationship examples – both good and bad – that we can learn from. From sad mistakes to pointers we should take… More »

Demi Lovato Offers Up Some Dating Advice

With all that she’s gone through in the past couple of years, Demi Lovato knows a thing or two about many things – especially when it comes to…

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