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LA’s Birthday Surprise, Please Don’t Say Adele & More On The X Factor Episode 3

Finally I had a bit of time to watch the two episodes of last week and I have to say that also this time didn’t miss to laugh, to cry, to moving and to be…

Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions In Kansas City, Missouri Post – Day Two

Today is the second set of X Factor auditions in Kansas City, Missouri.

Britney rocked it yesterday!

Rock on, Brit!




UK X Factor Judges Confirms Talks With Britney

Team Britney could very well just be riding this rumor out. Hey, publicity’s publicity! But Louis Walsh (a judge on the British X Factor) CONFIRMS Simon Cowell is in talks with Britney to judge X Factor! “I know he IS talking to Britney . I know he’s definetly talking to Britney to do the American… More »

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