INTERVIEW: Lostprophets Talk Warped Tour Worries, Album #6 & More

Before Lostprophets kicked off their current UK tour, lead guitarist Lee Gaze expressed his happiness at the band’s alternative set-list: “We’ll probably do, like, six…

Team GB: Rock Bands

With the London 2012 Olympic games now officially underway and the host country placed firmly in the spotlight, it’s only fitting to look at some of the best of British bands currently flying the flag for the alternative music scene – from the heavy weight defending champions to the bill toppers of the future, here… More »

Three For Free: Warped Tour Special – Free Music From Lostprophets, Twin Atlantic, Tonight Alive AND MORE

If you haven’t been enjoying Warped Tour‘s first stops of the year, you’ve probably been moping around wishing you were there. If you’ve missed out, cheer up and don’t worry because here’s a slice…

Stream Lostprophets’ New Album… Well, Some Of It

Lostprophets‘ follow up to 2010’s The Betrayed is due out on April 2nd but if you feel you’ve waited long enough to hear new material from…

Lady Gaga, The Killers And More Confirm 2012 Albums

When I say that Mother Mother (or should I call her Queen of the Damned) is joining The Killers, I do not mean that her…

Kerrang! Magazine Awards July 2010

The Kerrang! Magazine awards took place this evening in a top secret location in dear ol’ London. I’ve been watching my Twitter all evening since the awards began to get the scoop on the who…

Kerrang! readers results

Villain Of The Year:

1. Jared Leto – 30 Seconds to Mars
2. Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy
3. Gerard Way – My Chemical Romance
4. Marilyn MAnson
5. Ian Watkins…


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Lostprophets – Rooftops

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