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Finally, Charlie Sheen’s Rantings are Adorable

So, I’ve mostly been avoiding the Charlie Sheen mess, because frankly the man disgusts me.  But there is finally something that has made me pay at least some kind of attention.

The Pittsburgh Zoo has taken…

Disney Princesses Go Hipster

The Disney Princesses have always had certain traits to look up to.  But…honestly, didn’t they always feel just a little too, I dunno, MAINSTREAM?

Well, there’s an easy fix to that: big glasses and a copy…

Can the ‘Twilight Saga’ Books Stop a Bullet?

Oh, Edward Cullen.  As the Twilight Saga HERO I know your love will protect me like a loving love burrito of love stuffed with love and some love fried love wrapped in a love tortilla…

A Totally PUNK ‘Facebook’ Movie: Where the HELL is the DO NOT WANT button?

We’ve known for awhile that Hollywood is reaching for ideas.  From countless adaptations to remakes of old movies, TV shows and even foreign films, it seemed like nobody felt the need to break new ground.



I like this band:

I also like this band:

I like these bands, too:

I know not everybody likes these bands.

I know some people may like…

Gerard and Lyn-Z: “We’re having a baby!”

Click HERE to see and hear confirmation from the MCR frontman that he is expecting his first child with wife Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence.  (Note: Any comments made from people who have clearly…

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