The Jonas Brothers Make A Big Change!

While boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted are bringing back the boy band era, we can’t forget one of our favorite boy bands: <a…

Best Dressed: Kerli, Kelly Osbourne, And More At LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards

LOGO’s NewNowNext awards are such a raging good time that the red carpet there pretty much makes every other red carpet on the planet seem like a gigantic snooze-fest. Think glitter, sparkles, towering high heels, and of course, giant rainbow colored jackets made of hair (I see you China Chow). Here are the best of… More »

NewNowNext Awards!!!!

Last week me and I-Loo were invited to dj at the NewNowNext awards<3 We loved it so much…it’s got to be one of the most fun award shows out there. Nothing is off limits and the Drag Queens are so fabulous they make every woman feel underdressed. Highlights of the night were Perez Hiltons new… More »

Tom Kaulitz’s customized tees and caps

Everyone of you knows Tom Kaulitz’s style, the guitarist of Tokio Hotel: oversized tshirt, hoodie, pants and cap or a bandana. Among his fav hip hop/ street brands there are Miskeen and Karl Kani, the first one over to put him in its home page website as one of the celebrities who wears Miskeen, realized… More »

Kerli at Logo’s ‘NewNowNext Awards’ 2011

Logo’s ‘NewNowNext Awards’ 2011

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