Favorite Summer Trend: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

With all the summer trends this summer its hard to choose a favorite! I must say i love the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe. These shoes are colorful and fun and come in many different styles to match anyones personality. Here are some of my favorite Lita shoes.


Jeffrey Campbell is seriously one of the most amazing shoe designers EVER! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS SHOES! I think it’s time that I add to my collection. Here are a bunch of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I plan on buying by the end of the summer.

Tell Me About It STUD.

I made a pretty horrible mistake. I took the LA version of myself to NYC and tried to walk around the city in my Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita’s. I almost instantly regretted that choice. I just love spikes so much, I know I should “grow up” and stop wearing them, but I love feeling like… More »

Mood Board: Back to School Style Inspiration!

I’m about to schlep myself (and two giant suitcases) back to Boston for school, so I’m tryin SO HARD to not buy clothes until I get there so that I don’t accumulate even more items…

The Best of the New Jeffrey Campbell Styles

Jeffrey Campbell has been my favorite shoes designer since I laid my eyes on those gold studded heels over four years ago. It was Winter, I was visiting Santa Monica and just knew I had to buy them. They were the most expensive shoes I had ever bought up until then. Jeffrey has changed the… More »

Rose Light Witch

Shoes: JC Lita, Jacket: Lazy Bones (not listed yet), Dress: Top Shop, Hat: Vintage

Im really into anything with flowers or floral prints right…

Not So Rainbow Bright

Shoes:  Lita, Leggings: Forever21, Pullover: Little Tokyo, Dress: Birthday, Bangle: Joyrich, Headband: Made by me


Jeffrey Campbell Glitter Lita

When I was at Magic in vegas last week Jeffrey Campbell had a booth! We weren’t allowed to take any photos but this one of the lita in…

A day later

So, after yesterday’s job related fit, I spent an evening eating comfort food (brownies and sushi, my hips are hating me for it already) and then spent about half an hour meditating.  Seriously.  Not just…

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