Kylie Jenner Just Spilled Her Biggest Beauty Regret

Thanks to mastering social media and being part of the most famous reality TV family on the planet, Kylie Jenner has built her own empire of loyal followers who are obsessed with everything from her nail art to what she’s eating for lunch. She has legions of wannabes buying up her lip kits, copying her… More »

Trend Alert: Ombre Lips

One of my newest obsessions are ombre lips. Using different shades of lip stick, lip gloss, and lip liner creating an ombre lip is surprisingly easy. Even though the ombre lip has been around for a bit now, I think it’s one beauty trend thats going to blow up this year. Check out some of… More »

Dark and Gorgeous Make up Inspirations for Fall

Happy HalloweenMonth, Moon Babies!<3 I’m sending you massive hugs from the dark woods of nowhereland<3 It’s been a really interesting few weeks and I’ve had time to gather some really cool new inspiration and reconnect with the nature. I love it so much… I didn’t take much with me to these travels as I was… More »





Pucker Up: Lipstick Art

So I came across some lipstick art on Tumblr (obv) the other day. At first I was like ‘omg so cute’ and then the more I looked at them I was like ‘wait these are kinda weird‘? Now, I doubt people are doing their lips like this to go out in public but who knows… More »

Katy Perry Looks Flawless On Her First Vogue Cover

Katy Perry looks absolutely flawless on the July cover of Vogue. This is Perry’s, 28, first cover of Vogue! She has been featured in Vogue Italia and Teen Vogue…

Hayley Williams For MAC

Paramore‘s front girl Hayley Williams has a brand spanking new collaboration with MAC cosmetics! She just revealed this signature orange lipstick as a sneak peak…

Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

So every weekend I have been posting some homemade face masks for you guys to try out and I thought I would switch it up a bit this week. Instead of…

Isabeli Fontana

All photos of model Isabeli Fontana.

Make up Inspiration: Pink Lips!

I for one, love everything pink! Pink lips? Lipsticks? Glosses? Stains? Yes please! I decided to put a gallery together of some of my favourite pink lips! I’m sure you’ll find some familiar faces in there! Check it out! Who do you think wear’s pink the best?

Candice Swanepoel

A collection of photos of the Victoria Secret angel Candice Swanepoel.

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam

Must Have for Fall 2012: Herbie Sweaters

Oh I’m in love with all of this stuff! Guys from young russian brand Herbie make such a cool sweaters! It’s quite ordinary,but the prints are SUPER-DUPER. And T-shirts are coming soon. I need…

Would You Go Under the Knife?

I personally feel plastic surgery is wrong. 

However- there are certain circumstances where I do agree it is 100% okay. I think risking your life, going under the knife just for something so…

talking about my blonde hair and big lips….

I was on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ a few months ago. While I was there Andy Cohen wanted to discuss my new look. For those of you who missed it… here it is! ENJOY! ps- They wanted me on the After Show last minute.. and I was in Brooklyn at the time at a friend’s… More »


So E-Moe just got back from visiting his mother and father and the kids decided they wanted to surprise him. Jenn, JD, Ben and Baby Boo were waiting for him so they could give him some Valentines Silly Bands of course he was not pleased with their present and now won’t talk to anyone :… More »

this season

This season the hottest lip color is PLUM deep, rich colors are the way to go for the holidays XO!

Lindsay what did you do to your lips?

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