The Tale Of Lindsay Lohan As Told By Gifs

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was an adorable redhaired child star who captivated America when she expertly portrayed a pair of twins in Parent Trap, who wanted to setup their parents (the…

TONIGHT: Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately (And I Was There)

Yesterday (August 1) I had the amazing opportunity to go watch the taping of Chelsea Lately with guest host Lindsay Lohan!!! I am a huge Lilo fan and couldn’t control my excitement. I was sat…

Hilarious Photoshopped Celebs!

Ok so sometimes I come up with the most random ideas thanks to Tumblr. I came across a HILARIOUS photo of a celebrity with their teeth photoshopped out. I nearly spit my drink out onto my laptop. It made me think hmm…I wonder how many more of these I can find? SO I decided to… More »

The Best Celebrity Mugshots

I was informed this morning that one of my favorite actresses ever, Reese Witherspoon, was arrested Friday morning (early start I see) for disordely conduct. Oooof, well I still love her. ANYWAYS, it got me looking into more celeb mugshots aka 90 percent were Lindsay Lohan, HAHA! I realized this would make a hilarious gallery… More »

Which Is Your Favorite Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot?

Lindsay Lohan has a lot of mug shot’s, that’s not a surprise. I kinda like to look at them in order, I feel like she looks the most sane and in control in her recent one.. or maybe I’m a fool. HERE’S TO HOPING THIS YEAR SHE CAN GET HERSELF TOGETHER AND PREVAIL! Which is… More »

Style Evolution Of Lindsay Lohan

Through the years we have seen Lindsay Lohan change VERY drastically. People just can’t get enough of her, she has been in and out of movies, the magazines, car accidents and even jail. A lot has changed for Lohan in her life from The Parent Trap, especially her fashion and hair. Here are a bunch… More »

Celebrities and Rehab

Two of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest combinations!

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