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#FBF 5 Unforgettable Grammy Performances

The 59th annual Grammy Awards is on January 28th! In a few short days, music’s biggest stars will gather together to see who gets snubbed and who earns a shiny trophy. Real talk – besides the red carpet fashion, we really tune in to see all the medleys, duets, and performance goodness. This year, we’re… More »

Shots Fired: Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Remix To Beyonce’s “Flawless”

Wow! Not even a couple days after being released, Lil Kim takes shot at Nicki Minaj for her verse on Beyonce‘s new remix for “Flawless“!

While Minaj is known as the Queen…

Miley Cyrus Bares All In Halloween Costume

So that’s what the wig was for!

While the most popular costume of the year will no doubt be inspired by the woman hereslf, Miley Cyrus continued the tradition of dressing up as her…

10 Most Memorable VMA Moments

With most schools now in session and September just hours away, it can only mean one thing: the MTV Video Music Awards (best known as the VMAs) are right around the…

I See What I Wanna See.

I’m so obsessed with Velfre! Her art is a mixture of a small dose or reality with a huge dose of what’s wrong in the world. I absolutely love things from the John Lennon portrait to the creepy skeleton. What do you think of Velfre? xx.

Music Notes 2/16

It’s come to that point in the afternoon where the only thing that can keep me awake is Britney Spears’ music. But here is some reading material for all y’all:

6 tips for show etiquette

Real Life Style Inspiration: The Super Cool Ladies of Badlands 777

I’m so excited to introduce you all to the fun, fabulous and super cool ladies of Badlands 777. The crew hails from London/Essex and consists of Chloe Lamb, Jade Lamb and Lilli-rose Bailey. It all began when they started selling awesome vintage clothing due to their frustration over the lack of good vintage clothing stores… More »

Lil Kim Tears Up Nicki Minaj… Literally

It’s no secret that there’s definitely something brewin’ with Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj – and NOT in the good way.

The two queens of hip hop have had some very…

The Evolution of Lil Kim

The undisputed Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim (born Kimberly Denise Jones) has come a long way from her days tagging along with Notorious BIG as a part of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Over the years she’s rocked a very unique style and been muse to the likes of Marc Jacobs. While she recently fell on some hard times,… More »

How many licks?

this is my favorite video.

Tuesday Buzz 7/31

Celebrity Report Card: Presented by IBBB.

Fergie thinks misery makes better music. I kind of agree. (IntoGossip)

9 things you didn’t know about Zac Efron? (Allie is Wired)


To The Poodles

VH1 held their annual Hip Hop Honors event in NYC on Saturday night, and the dogs came out to play! Beverley Poo puts a new spin on the never out of style Cruella DeVille look. Did she… from

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