My Journey: From Suffering To Dreams

I have too many secrets. Often living with them paralyzes me and cuts my weak wings. For some time sad past comes back to me. I once again faded as not…

Greetings From Beautiful Bali!

Greetings from Bali, Moon Babies!

I don’t have words to describe the amazing energy of this land and the incredible people in this country. So blown away ♥

The view from our magical studio in a Bali…

New: Young Forever(Lost In Dreams)

Hey Friends, I want to share with you my new lyrics, called “Young Forever( Lost In Dreams)”. These lyrics are important to me. I know that there is a lot of…


Hey!!! Today I want to show you my new lyrics, called “I Know You”. I wanted to write something about today’s world as you know I’m a fragile girl and I…

#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I’m a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing you the last weeks of my…

WARNING: Nobody Is Perfect!

Nobody is perfect. Unfortunately, young girl and boys dream od having a beautiful body. I know that it’s not bad. But the obssesion is as an attack on their innocence. During…

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.


Last time my Internet almost doesn’t work and I couldn’t a normal added stuffs and read what you wanted show to world. It made me so sad because Buzznet means for me something more than when I was here first time. Buzznet is like a family place. But right now I feel like these cats……. More »

My Video Project: BULLY ISN’T ANSWER

Bully is one of the worst stuffs which can to met us. Now I can to say that I was bullied too. It changed me but I know that I must to live with it. I can’t forget about it but I can to learn with it. You can also. We are humans and we… More »


“RECOVERY” this is my last poem. I recorded to it my voice and uploaded special for you on YouTube.

light or dark? help me!

I need to dye my hair! Right now it’s this crazy mess of blonde and brown and I’m thinking of going one solid color…I just don’t know if I should go LIGHT or DARK? What do you think looks better?

The Creators Project Lights Up Coachella

Light, art and music came together this past weekend at Coachella, to create several epic performances and help reinvent the music festival for thousands of attendees. The Creators Project gathered a team of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and designers to construct multimedia art installations on the grounds and took on the daunting task of redesigning the… More »


“The plans I make stille have you in them” – Third Eye Blind ‘The Background’


Tom Kaulitz has a blog on Tokio Hotel official website and he posts a lot of cool stuff during the days, on February 4th, he posted this amazing video, I proved a lot of emotions watching it: sense of dream, hope, beautiful… I hope you could prove the same. Enjoy! xo

A new day has come

The ” HER ” Bathroom Light……….

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