Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Jared Leto

If you happen to be someone with eyes reading this then you will be very grateful for this gallery. Not only is Jared Leto perfect and to me quite possibly a god, he has some great tattoos. Which tattoo of his is your favorite? See who else has shown off their ink: Austin Carlile Oli… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: Thirty Seconds To Mars


I feel like one Jared Leto is the most talked about celeb in media these days so what a perfect fit for this week…I…

EW GROSS: Jared Leto Says A Fan Sent Him Their Freaking EAR

30 Seconds to Mars frontman and constant Terry Richardson muse Jared Leto raised eyebrows (of which he had none for a whle) when he claimed that a mega-fan sent him…

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